It's all about you, every action, every decision, everything you do is all about you. How many selfless things have you done? Yep, I hear the cries of I give to charity, work a job I hate for my kids, I go shopping for an ageing next door neighbour, I stopped the dog marrying the goldfish, blah blah blah.

The Selfish Woman

Sam was in an abusive relationship for years, being mentally and physically abused by her former partner. He would come home drunk and wake her up to make him some food or just to annoy her. He would humiliate her in front of her friends and strangers. Sam put up with this for years because she had children with this man and he was a good father. Sam believed that breaking the family would harm her children so much that she stayed with him. Mentally and physically abused she persisted because of her children. Then it happened he left her. Skip on a few years later the kids are fine even expressed that they are happy mum is out of the relationship. Sam is happy moving on with her life dad and the kids get on great everything is getting better.

So the question was if she had split with her partner and the kids did actually suffer what would have happened? Sam answered I would have been devastated, depressed because I had hurt my children. So she stayed with her partner because she would feel worse if she hurt her children. So you give to charity, make someone smile give someone a hug why because it makes you feel good. So go on be the selfish person you are, go give someone a hug, do something for charity, make someone smile all because you want to indulge in that great feeling that you deserve. Go steal that plesure from helping others. So the real question is what can you do for someone else to make yourself feel great.