So have you had a go at using different words to phrase your goal? Maybe you found the best phrase to motivate you, or maybe you are just trying different phrases out. A good rule is to revisit your phrase every so often so it keeps you in maximum motivation.

This blog is to now refine your goal. What is it you want? Now, again this is going to be down to the individual to use the correct wording that when you state the phrase it inspires you to take action. I was talking to someone the other day and we went through several phrases. Their intention was to work out to get fit. We tried"my goal is to work out 6 days a week"," My task is to get fit" and some others. After talking to them for a while their phrase was "I am going to get healthy and toned". Questions I normally ask are:

If you knew you were going to succeed in this goal how would you phrase it?

What would you need to say to yourself to get really motivated and take action?

It is nearly always good to have an end outcome, for some the end goal may seem too big, seem too far away, we will go through and look at breaking goals down into smaller steps later. For now take some time to think about what is the end goal. Some people get more inspired when they put a date or deadline on it, others it just takes some of the motivation away.

Always state it in the positive, that's how some goal setting people tell you how to do it? I think this works for a lot of people but everyone is different, and to start with it may motivate you more to get away from something. Think about I don't want to be fat, now think about becoming slimmer. Which is going to motivate you more maybe a combination of the two. I used the word fat on purpose because for some it will have an emotional effect. Some may get mad, some motivated, this hopefully shows you the power of words, so go play with words find the correct ones that when stated to you or by you, inspire you to take action and achieve your New Year resolutions.

If you have found that phrase why not share it, you never know someone might just be as inspired as you.

"If you really want to do something you'll find a way, if you don't you'll find an excuse."