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How To Frame Your New Year Resolutions For Success (part 2)

So have you had a go at using different words to phrase your goal? Maybe you found the best phrase to motivate you, or maybe you are just trying different phrases out. A good rule is to revisit your phrase every so often so it keeps you in maximum motivation.
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How To Frame Your New Year Resolutions For Success (part 1)

Some people like a challenge, others like to problem solve. By framing your New Year resolutions in the correct way, it will help you to achieve it!
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Depressed By The Darker Days And Longer Nights?

Are the duller days and longer nights making you feel depressed? The longer nights and not so bright days affect most of us to one degree or other. There are some natural ways to combat this and "lift your mood and motivation". Below are some natural ways you can help yourself become more energetic and raise your mood.
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You Are Selfish!

It's all about you, every action, every decision, everything you do is all about you. How many selfless things have you done?
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Make Sure You Get A Good Sleep!

Sleep in an integral part of life, and making sure you get enough good quality sleep is important.
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What Is Hypnosis?

Please be advised that this is an over simplistic view. There are many different models of hypnosis, some distinguish between hypnosis and trance.